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One thought on “Our First 3D Print: Sparklepus!

  1. You might want to use Micro-Set (red bottle), it goes on top of the decal after your place it on the model…don't touch the decal after you put the Micro-Set on…its common for the decal to wrinkle after applying Micro-Set. When dry use (we use spray lacquer) seal with gloss or flat coat.

    Micro-Sol – you might want to test for color affects on a scrap test piece before using…we've had some slight staining on tones of Tamiya grey occur…YMMV. We've gotten around that by using a coat for Future wax (yes the floor stuff…note it's trade name has recently changed) applied via airbrush before using Micro-Sol…this has two effects..protects the paint and secondly the decal snuggles down into the wax surface and the edges disappear producing a very smooth surface with little/no transition to the decal.

    Questions on your post-processing…

    1) were you sanding the piece to smooth it out? if so, what grit(s) did you find most useful? How long did it take for the sanding or other post-processing steps?

    2) How easy were the artifacts from the support structures to remove?

    3) Have you tried printing anything with very fine detail? Would love to see an example of say small rivets/bolts or similar 🙂

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