Brudders 035 Drive-in Movie, anaglyphic version

Gasp! It' Gothtober Again!

Today the brudders go back to where they made their Hollywood debut: Gothtober! If you didn’t already know, Hello Frankenstein first appeared at Gothtober, the annual Halloween art exhibition. That was four years ago, and now Sergeant and Toullie return with Brudders, Episode 35 – ‘Drive-in Movie’. To read this strip, go to (Note: Because this is an old blog entry, this link will now take you to the latest round of Gothtober treats but you can still read this strip on the Brudders website.)

Bring your 3D glasses because this comic was drawn anaglyphically. This means if you have  the glasses with the red and cyan lenses, you will see me, Toullie, and Sister leap off your computer screen.

Don’t have 3D glasses? You can use the pair that come with some 3D DVD’s boxes, like in the recent Coraline release, or you can purchase a deluxe pair from stores like Rainbow Symphony Store. Alisa and Greenlaw wear normal glasses so they like Rainbow Symphony’s Proview Professional Clip-On, but Toullie and I prefer the stylish Proview Professional, which is comfy and excellent if you don’t already wear glasses. Either model sells for $6.95. Rainbow Symphony Store also carries the traditional paper ones for as little as 15 cents a piece. (No, they didn’t pay us for this plug. We just like their stuff.)

If you enjoy this 3D episode of Brudders, let us know and we’ll make more 3D comics and art.

Oh, and while you’re at the Gothtober website, be sure to check out the horrific treats by other Gothtober artists…if you dare!

Sgt Marshmallow

Sgt Marshmallow

Sergeant Marshmallow is a cat. More specifically, he is a handsome cat. Sergeant is also the editor of this blog.

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