The Fathers’ Follies is a musical extravaganza produced and performed by The Dad’s Club to raise money for the PTA. Steeped in community history and tradition, the Fathers’ Follies is a crazy show where dads don costumes, wigs and balloon boobies, and make wonderful fools of themselves on stage.

This year, I volunteered to design and illustrate the poster for the 71st Fathers’ Follies. The 2018 show’s theme was Superhero Summer Camp.

Alisa created the poster for last year’s 70th-anniversary show. The theme for the 2017 show was a Stranger Things and Scooby-Doo mash-up called Scooby-Doo In The Woodlands. Here’s Alisa’s poster.

Alisa also designed and laid out past program books for three seasons.

Even Toullie got in on the act. Toullie designed and laid out the 32-page program book for this year’s event.

I’m serious. Look at the Production Team credits…

Congratulations from the Greenlaw family to the many talented performers and participants for staging yet another spectacular Fathers’ Follies!

D.R. Greenlaw

D.R. Greenlaw

Greenlaw likes to make comics, animated shorts, and funny voices.

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