This is a short film by Sienna Kai Greenlaw (age 8) about overcoming scary things and making new friends. Sienna created the film as Little Green Dog’s submission to the 2015 Gothober festival. She wrote, narrated, and illustrated the story, and she even performed the piano score.

Sienna originally wanted to animate Shipo’s Halloween Day but, with only a few days in her schedule, plus a previous commitment to homework and an early bed time, she decided that still drawings would have to do. At the end of the film, you can see a brief clip from her animation test.

Sienna is the youngest member of Team Little Green Dog. When Sienna was much younger, she was the inspiration for the character Sister in Little Green Dog’s Brudders comics and animated shorts. (Update: Sienna recently celebrated her 9th birthday!)

To see the short in its original Gothtober presentation, visit and click on the 10th.

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