Sienna in her Bat-Cat costume

The Fitting

This Halloween, Sienna wanted to be a ‘Bat Cat’ and she asked me to help her out with the wings. We looked around the garage and found a black drop cloth and extra wooden slats from an Ikea venetian blind.


The Assembly


We drilled holes at the joints and fixed them using bolts and wing nuts. (How appropriate.) The supporting ‘arm’ of the wing was doubled-up for strength. Straps were attached in front side for the harness and double-stick tape was applied to the back side. Finally, the wings were cut as a single shape from the vinyl cloth and stuck to the ‘bones’ with the tape.

The Inspection


Sergeant approves!

Preparing For Takeoff


The construction is strong and remarkably flexible. It’s like we almost knew what we were doing.

Flight Test


This is how the Wright Brothers got started but with style.

Arriving In Style At The Gothtober Party


Happy Halloween everybody!

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D.R. Greenlaw

Greenlaw likes to make comics, animated shorts, and funny voices.

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