This is the the first minute of a 3-1/2 minute parody music video we’ve been working on at Little Green Dog. It’s going to be the third short film based on our webcomic Brudders. (Fourth if you count ‘Hello Frankenstein’, which was actually made pre-‘Brudders’.)

The music is arranged by Brett ‘2ch’ Santucci, and performed by Alisa Loren Klein and Brett ‘2ch’ Santucci, with vocal performances by A. Isamu Kuromi, Claire K. Kuromi, and Sienna Kai Greenlaw.

The film is written, designed and directed by D.R. Greenlaw.

The Brudders music video is scheduled to be released in 2017.

Sgt Marshmallow

Sgt Marshmallow

Sergeant Marshmallow is a cat. More specifically, he is a handsome cat. Sergeant is also the editor of this blog.

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