Here’s a peek at what Sergeant, Toullie and Sister look like rendered in 3D. These images are from a test of the new Skin material introduced in LightWave 10.1. (See, we are working on the movie!)

And this is what a rigged character looks like inside the 3D program running on my tablet PC.

As you can see here, Lightwave 10.1’s new realtime previewer, called VPR, is pretty sweet.

Okay, so if these were actual toys, would you buy one? Let us know; we’re thinking about making that happen after the movie is finished.

Finally here’s a small sample of the mocap ‘puppetry’ created for Sergeant last fall using iPi Desktop Motion Capture:

This video may look a little ‘jumpy’ because the animation was played back live and I’m sure frames were being dropped to sustain realtime speed. Next time I’ll post animation of all the Brudders characters pre-cached for full speed playback.

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