What’s The Scoop On ‘Poop’?

Proxy model of Sister with mocap test data applied.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with our experimental motion capture system and we now have a workflow in place. Yay! Over on the right is our first mocap test featuring Sister.

Unfortunately, this means our Brudders music video project Don’t Fear the Pooper is going to take longer than we anticipated. We decided to up the production quality. (Funny how that always happens.) We were originally aiming for a ‘low-tech’ machinima look for ‘Pooper’ but because our motion capture system (iPi Desktop Motion Capture) saw dramatic quality improvements last December, it seemed a shame to settle for our original goal.

The extra time will be well spent though. This music video is going to look awesome!


Sgt Marshmallow

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Sergeant Marshmallow is a cat. More specifically, he is a handsome cat. Sergeant is also the editor of this blog.

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