Anatomy Of A Brudders Comic

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Inking, Part 1

In Manga Studio, I usually ‘freehand’ my ink lines using the vector brush tool. The vector brush simulates inking with a brush or quill pen but the strokes remain ‘live’ and fully editable after I’ve drawn them. What this means is that I can tweak or completely change a brush stroke by adusting its shape and thickness using special editing brushes and a magnet tool.


If I need to draw something with precision (like the X-wing pilot helmet in this strip,) the program has tools called Ruler Guides, which are editable wire paths that I can shape and position to construct almost anything with a good deal of accuracy. Once I get my curves in place, I can use a brush tool to ‘snap to’ and follow the guides exactly as laid out, and still maintain manual control over the thinness and thickness of the lines using a pressure sensitive pen. In other words, these Ruler Guides can be used the same way a traditional artist will use french curves, templates, and bendable curves.

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